Thanks for dropping by, have a seat and help yourself to a cup of tea!

If you’re here it means that for some reason my work got your attention, so let me tell you a couple of things about myself. I’m an artist and illustrator (among other things) with a home somewhere between Italy, Scotland and Croatia.

My fingertips have been dirtied with graphite ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Later I’d fall in love with watercolour and find myself possessed by its quicksilver motions, and how my patterns moved about the paper as if of their own accord. But graphite wasn’t the only kind of dirt on my hands in those early years, as I spent a lot of my time in the underbrush, searching for wild berries (and wilder legendary spirits), befriending ancient trees and exploring ruins covered in moss and ivy – elements that unsurprisingly crept into my work, and are still present nowadays.

My academic studies sharpened my perception of the world, as well as the aesthetic and symbolic aspects present in my works. I was encouraged to attend art school after a secondary school focused on humanistic subjects, but ever the contrarian, I decided to pursue my love for history, folklore and polytheistic spiritualities instead – completing an Archaeology degree at the University of Padua, then enrolling at the University of Venice to finish my studies in Cultural Anthropology with a dissertation about traditional tattooing among Croatian women.

Further to this, the masters of Art Nouveau, Pre-Raphaelites, as well as Neoclassical and Victorian artists have always been an inspiration to me, as have the folktales collected by the brothers Grimm, various mythological narratives, Romantic and Decadent literature, and last but not least, the astonishing classical and medieval architectures scattered through Europe.

Consequently, most of my work is focused on nature and its relationship with mythology, folklore, and the feminine. My weapon of choice is watercolour, often mixed with tea, acrylics, ink, pastels and a touch of digital painting.


Selected publications:

• Books

– IBA Infected By Art, volume 6
– Veins of Magic, by Emma Hamm
The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster, by Lari Don & Natasa Ilincic, Floris Books
– Inkblót, by Hayden Westfield-Bell & Natasa Ilincic
IBA Infected By Art, volume 5
Heart of the Fae, by Emma Hamm
– The Illuminated Edda, by Fate of the Norns
– Horn of the Kraken, by Stephen B. Pearl
– Voci dall’Iperuranio, by Angela Patrono

• Magazines

Graphite Magazine, issue 5
2DArtist, issue 136, 3DTotal
– Circle Magazine
– The Celtic Connection
– Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal
– Engranajes, vapor y lámparas de gas 
– Vølse, Danish Membermagazine for Asatruar

• Cardgames and role-playing games
– Gulveig, Fate of the Norns, Pendelhaven Games
– Ragnarok: Denizens of the North, Fate of the Norns

• Posters
– Beltane Fire Festival 2015
– Beltane Fire Festival 2017

Exhibited at:

• London House of Illustration 2017
• Creative Exchange Gallery, Edinburgh 2017
• Pandino Fantasy Books
• Trezzo Folk and Fantasy
• San Giorgio di Mantova Fantasy
• solo exhibition in Montereale Valcellina


– Shortlisted for The Book Illustration Competition 2017 (Folio Society and House of Illustration)
– Highly commanded award, Kelpies Illustration & Design Prize 2017


2Dartist issue 136, artist spotlight, by 3DTotal
Pagan Portraits