Where can I buy your works?
I usually don’t sell the originals, unless it’s a commission made specifically for you (in that case, it will arrive at your doorstep safe and bubblewrapped!), but you can find some prints of my works and other goodies on various sites (check the Shop section).

Do you accept commissions?
It depends on the commission. I will more likely accept commercial ones than private ones, but if the subject is of my interest there’s far more chance!

How does a commission work?
I listen to your needs and we discuss ideas. Once the project outline is agreed we discuss the fee and my terms. What follows is sketching and drafting, with a constant dialogue to make sure that the client is fully satisfied with the job. The work, once completed, is delivered digitally in high res, usually via email, though in certain occasions the piece, if done in only traditional media, can be directly shipped to you via international mail.

Can I use your work?
It depends. If it’s not licensed (as the pieces done for Fate of the Norns) I could give you a licence to use it, depending on what you need it for.

I saw your work being used without licence/credits here and there, I thought I should tell you!
I know, it’s not properly a question, but unfortunately it’s quite frequent. Thank you for informing me, I usually don’t have the time to check it out myself (it’s even worse when it happens with commercial uses!), so your help is much appreciated!