Here you can track the progress on the production and shipping of A Compendium of Witches Oracle.
The page will be regularly updated with the latest information available.

Please remember that I am one person doing everything, and that I cannot affect the speed of the manufacturers I work with, who are doing their best to fulfil orders efficiently in times when Covid-19 is sadly affecting most businesses.

Thank you again for being part of this project!♥


4th August :  reading cloth sample received
✓ 20th August :  label printer for fulfillment delivered to the studio
✓ 26th August :  funds transferred from Kickstarter
✓ 28th August :  reading cloths sent to production
✓ 1st September :  new batch of A Compendium of Witches artbook sent to production
2nd September :  all shipping supplies delivered to the studio
4th September :  approved the final proofs for the deck and sent the order to production
✓ 8th September:  vinyl stickers delivered to the studio
10th September :  approved guidebook proof, guidebooks sent to production
14th September :  Art prints delivered to the studio
21st September: reading cloths delivered to the studio. Due to an IT issue the manufacturer’s system had not registered that they needed hamming, so they have been sent back to be hemmed.
22nd September: guidebooks delivered to the studio. Their quality hasn’t been found to be adequate, so they are being sent back and a new batch is being printed.
1st October: reading cloths delivered to the studio.
2nd October: new batch of guidebooks delivered to the studio and approved
5th October: new batch of A Compendium of Witches artbooks delivered to the studio
20th October: first batch of decks delivered to the studio (Compact edition)
2nd November: first batch of decks dispatched (Travelling Witch tier)
9th November: second batch of decks delivered to the studio (Deluxe edition)
10th November: second batch inspected for quality. Unfortunately the grand majority of the decks have foiling issues on the cover. Light foiling defects are not an issue generally (and are to be expected on large flat surfaces of foil), but in my opinion these decks did not meet the required standard for A Compendium of Witches Oracle, so I have put in a request for lid replacements.
19th November: Rewards with original artwork shipped.
– upcoming – 20th November: limited number of Bibliophile tier rewards being shipped.

Current status:

Awaiting delivery of the next batch of decks from the manufacturer

N.B. After the “Travelling Witch” and the Original rewards have been shipped, the rest will be fulfilled in order of size, with the bulkier items being shipped first (to allow for more space for boxes in the studio). This means that the Bibliophile rewards will be fulfilled next.


Updates from the deck manufacturer in chronological order:

8th October: they have experienced unforeseen tecnical difficulties with the coating machine and box making machine that are going to delay the production.
They say they are doing everything in their power to put the production back on track and have agreed to send the the decks in a series of smaller batches as they are being produced in order to hopefully reduce the waiting times.

14th October: the production is slower, but back on track. The first batch of decks (219 decks of the compact edition) has been sent today and will be delivered in a few days.

20th October: delivery of the first batch of decks scheduled.

29th October: the manufacturers are currently working on the deck boxes manually, as the box making machine is still broken. They estimate they will have it fixed in 2 weeks time. They will be sending me the blank cards for the original sketches of the Collector’s Edition next week, so that I can start sketching them in the meantime. They will also be sending some of the deluxe decks next week, as soon as they get here I will start preparing them for shipping.

10th November: I have spoken to the manufacturers about the foiling issues on the second batch of decks. They will send replacements for the lids and look into ways of making sure these issues don’t happen again (among these: using a different foil printer, a smoother cover paper, and a thicker toner).

10th November: The manufacturers have received the new box making machine, so that will increase the production speed.

14th November: This morning the head of the company informed me that there has been an outbreak of Covid-19 in their facility. I have feared this might happen, seeing that the number of cases in the area have been increasing in the last few weeks quite dramatically. This, as you can imagine, sets us back significantly, as the workers will have to take the appropriate steps to recover, self-isolate, and follow strict safety measures to make sure everyone can go back to work in a safe way.