As you might know, finding time for personal projects whilst working as a full time illustrator is not always simple, but this is where you come in! My patreons – the Maecenas to my Virgil, the Lorenzo De Medici to my Sandro Botticelli.
We might not be lying on our triclinia enjoying a Horace’s poems, or counting the towers of a flourishing Florence from a high window – but that doesn’t mean that patronage is a thing of the past.
Thanks to your help I will be able bring to life projects that have been sitting in a dusty corner of my studio for far too long. 

If you want to hop on board and support my projects, come join us on Patreon!

Your support, in every form, means a lot to me – thank you!

But what’s in it for you?
Depending on the tier you pledge on, you can get exclusive rewards:


  • Early access to my art pieces before they’re posted anywhere else.
  •  Access to pages of my sketchbook and experiments that no one else sees
  • commissions and new pieces on sale will be available for you first
  • get to enter Patreon only giveaways!

– All of the above +

  •  full access to my working process
  • exclusive access to videos and tips!
  • a high-res digital file of line art to color every month! (it can be a lineart version of a previous piece I painted, or something new made only for patreons!)
  •  I’ll share with you stories and anecdotes about my pieces, plus the research that goes into them and my Idea List! (that’s where all my ideas go to have a long nap whilst waiting to come to life)

– all of the above +

  • an handwritten thank you note and a bookmark of your choice shipped to you in the mail on the first month of your pledge
  • An A6 art print shipped to you in the mail every 2 months
  • a 10% discount on my Etsy store!


– all of the above +

  • An original A6 graphite sketch shipped to you in the mail
  • a 20% discount in my Etsy store


– all of the above +

  • An original A6 watercolour sketch (instead of graphite) shipped to you in the mail



– all of the above +

  • my book Inkblot shipped to you in the mail
  • get to be a model for one of my sketches