“My skin”, watercolour on hot pressed paper.
Selkies populate the folktales of the northern Scottish isles. In many of them their skin is stolen by a human, with the intention of preventing them from reverting to their true form. Trapped on dry land, they still hear the call of the sea. Once their skin is reclaimed, so too is their freedom.


The intention behind this duology is to explore the spiritual relationship between us and the wilderness through art, writing, and folkloric research. In times that threaten our bond with nature, rediscovering this closeness is, for me, not only a desire – but a deeply rooted need.

The first book of this duology, Shapeshifters, will focus on the folklore surrounding these figures. Creatures that are able to shift from human to animal form at will have been present in the imagination of people since the dawn of time. They populated our tales and spiritualities, blurring the lines between rational and irrational, between civilization and untamed wilderness.

Through the paintings in this publication I hope to open a dialogue with the subconscious, and explore this theme with a new voice – but with one that echoes the tales of ancient folklore around the globe.

The artwork will be complemented with short stories and additional writing that will grant the reader a deeper understanding of the history and folklore of shapeshifters from an academic perspective.

The second book of the duology, Wildwood, will be a flora counterpart to the fauna of Shapeshifters, and will focus on the folklore of plants.


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